Rekey Locks

Rekey Locks Edmonton

The reasons why would anyone want some locks rekeyed vary. But whatever your reason, expert pros are ready to rekey locks in Edmonton, Alberta. Whether there’s a problem that demands lock rekeying or not, our team is ready to send locksmiths out. If this is an emergency, Edmonton Locksmith sends pros out 24/7.

Rekeying locks involves changing the pins found inside some locks. The pins change and their configuration changes so that the lock’s original key won’t fit anymore. That’s for protection in case the original case is intentionally taken – or stolen. With the new pin configuration, the lock is operated with a new key – the very one the locksmiths make on the spot. And if you want a master key system, the pros change the pin configuration of a number of designated locks and make you a master key.

Specialists respond fast to rekey locks in Edmonton, full services

Lock rekey services in Edmonton are provided as soon as needed. The locksmiths carry the tools required to do the job and have the experience to carry out any service requested.

  •          If you are interested in a master key lock system – even a very simple design, the pros rekey the locks you want so that they will work with one key. That’s one good choice for wise key management.
  •          If you already have a master key system but it’s also time for some changes – like when the property’s security requirements change or the staff changes, pros come out to rekey locks. This way, the design changes allowing new people to have a key to certain locks and deny access to old staff.
  •          Then again, lock rekeying is often needed urgently. That’s when the key to your home’s front door, for example, is stolen. And when such significant keys are found in the hands of many people. And when an ex-tenant or an ex-spouse or an ex-employee doesn’t return a key. If you considering the rekeying of one or more locks urgent for your safety and property’s security, let us know. It’s a matter of swift key change.

The locksmiths assigned to rekey locks carry all sorts of products and tools with them, from key replacement options and cutting machines to various tools. And so, no matter what service is required, it’s carried out correctly and without delay. Ask us about the cost of the service needed. Request a quote. Call us now if you are in a hurry to rekey locks in Edmonton.